Hiring A String Quartet

We provide a professional level of service, both with our client-care and musicianship. Our clients can email and speak to us on the phone as often as required. There are no additional charges for our time as we’re happy answer any questions that our clients have.

We don’t just employ the finest musicians in the country, we ensure the musicians representing String Musicians Australia are reliable, full of energy, love and happiness. We don’t choose our musicians based on looks.

We understand how important it is for our clients to have their favourite songs performed. As a result, we perform up to three special requests at no additional cost, even if it takes us hours to arrange the music for string quartet.

Our prices reflect our quality of service. Australia’s top musicians will not perform for less than a certain fee. In our business, you get what you pay for. We pride ourselves on quality of sound, intonation and musicality. Our musicians perform on extremely valuable instruments.

Our prices are listed on our website for all our clients to view. We don’t adjust our prices depending on what the function is, who our client is or whether it’s a weekend. Every client is treated equally.

We are certified with the Australian Government as trusted award-winning musicians and recording artists.

'Thanks for the great music at our events! I can certainly do a google review for you.'

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