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‘We booked a string duo to play at an event in Sydney and LOVED it! The musicians were professional, looked great, and made sure to follow all our instructions and requests. Thank you Jennen and team, you guys made the event that much more amazing!’
My Linh



Imagine the enchanting ambiance created as guests arrive at a corporate event, greeted by the captivating sounds of a professional string quartet. The elegant melodies fill the air, instantly setting a sophisticated and memorable tone for the occasion. The quartet, composed of two skilled violinists, a talented violist, and a masterful cellist, delicately weaves harmonies that resonate with warmth and refinement.

As attendees make their way into the event space, the quartet’s enchanting music serves as a delightful backdrop, fostering an atmosphere of sophistication and grace. Whether it’s a gala dinner, an awards ceremony, or a networking event, the quartet’s performances add a touch of class, engaging the audience and igniting conversations among guests.

Throughout the event, the string quartet seamlessly transitions between pieces, effortlessly navigating various genres and styles. Their versatile repertoire includes classical masterpieces, contemporary hits, and even customised arrangements tailored to the specific event theme or preferences of the organisers. Each carefully selected composition enhances the overall atmosphere, evoking emotions, and creating an immersive experience for everyone in attendance.

The quartet’s captivating performances act as a unifying force, drawing the audience together and fostering a sense of shared appreciation for the beauty of live music. The melodic interplay between the violinists, violist, and cellist demonstrates their exceptional skill and synergy, captivating listeners and leaving them with a lasting impression.

As the event unfolds, the quartet’s presence remains ever-present, subtly enhancing the ambiance and elevating the overall experience. Their enchanting melodies punctuate key moments, such as welcoming speeches, award presentations, or important announcements, infusing them with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

By the conclusion of the event, the string quartet’s remarkable performance will have left an indelible mark on guests’ memories. The combination of their technical mastery, impeccable harmonies, and ability to adapt to the event’s unique requirements ensures that every attendee experiences an unforgettable and truly memorable affair.

In the realm of corporate events, the presence of a professional string quartet creates an atmosphere of refinement, elevating the occasion and leaving guests with a lasting impression of sophistication and elegance.


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Not only do we provide exceptional music, but our professionalism and seamless integration into your event ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your guests. Our extensive experience working with prestigious clients speaks to our commitment to excellence and our ability to consistently deliver world-class performances.

Some of our recent corporate clients include major companies such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank, HSBC, G-Star Raw, Aston Martin, Crystal Cruises, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Woolworths, Harvey Norman, Suncorp, and Telstra. Our performances have left a lasting impression on these clients, who have entrusted us to enhance the atmosphere of their events and create unforgettable experiences for their guests.

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In an enriching collaboration with the esteemed Jack Daniel’s, we embarked on an inventive journey to craft a symphony of sounds that elevates the art of whiskey tasting. Through this sensory experience, we aimed to amplify the spectrum of flavours savored by the palate.

Our musical ensemble, a harmonic blend of piano, violin, and cello, was meticulously curated. Each instrument, with its unique timbre and resonances, was designed to evoke and mirror distinct tastes. The piano, the grand master of harmony, echoed the full-bodied notes of the whiskey. The violin, with its range of emotional expressions, portrayed the subtleties and nuances. And the cello, deep and resonant, embodied the rich, earthy undertones.

This project was more than an engaging endeavour; it was a playful exploration of the synergies between music and taste. And as we immersed ourselves in this unique fusion of senses, it was also a testament to our commitment to breaking barriers and redefining the boundaries of sensory experience.


Our string quartet has graced over 1,000 corporate events across Australia, performing for a wide range of functions such as awards nights, product launches, conferences, and gala dinners. 

The versatility of a string quartet allows us to create the perfect ambience for any event, whether it’s a lively and upbeat atmosphere for networking and mingling or a more subdued and intimate setting for an elegant dinner.

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A string quartet, when performed acoustically, offers a unique, unrivalled auditory experience that transcends the limitations of electronic amplification. This rich, authentic sound quality, raw and intimate, is a testament to the ensemble’s inherent craftsmanship, striking a deep chord within the listener’s soul.

The sound produced by a string quartet is a harmonic blend of four distinct yet interconnected voices: two violins, a viola, and a cello. Each instrument contributes to the collective melody while also creating its own narrative, resonating in a space and with an audience in a profoundly direct and personal way. In an acoustic performance, this orchestration of voices comes through unfiltered and unadulterated, retaining the innate tonal characteristics and subtle nuances that define each instrument and the musician behind it.

Acoustically performed string quartets also bring an element of authenticity and connection that is sometimes lost in amplified performances. The performers and the listeners are in a shared acoustic space, creating an intimacy that goes beyond the musical notes. The subtle variations in tempo, the delicately controlled crescendos, the faint vibrations of the strings – all these elements combine to form a multi-dimensional experience that is not just heard, but felt. It’s an immersive experience, placing the audience in a direct, emotional communion with the music and its creators.

Moreover, an acoustic performance takes into account the specific acoustics of the performance venue. The music is shaped by and responds to the environment in which it is played. This interaction between the music, the musicians, and the space creates a unique acoustic signature that is distinctive to each performance.

In conclusion, the sheer expressiveness, intimacy, and authenticity of an acoustically performed string quartet make it an incomparable experience. It is a celebration of musical purity and a testament to the enduring power of unamplified sound.


We cater to diverse musical needs by offering a range of ensemble and band sizes. However, the ideal choice, considering musical quality, volume, harmonies, and pricing, is our exquisite string quartet. Comprising two violinists, a violist, and a cellist, the string quartet showcases the full potential of our repertoire, delivering rich harmonies, captivating melodies with accompaniment, and an optimal volume.

For clients mindful of their budget or unable to provide a performance space of at least 2.5m x 2.5m, we provide alternative small ensemble options. These include a charming string trio, featuring two violinists and a cellist, or an intimate string duo, comprising a violinist and cellist. Additionally, we offer solo performers, who can be either a violinist or cellist. Please note that solo performances primarily showcase the melody line and may not possess the same audibility as the aforementioned options.

For clients seeking a grander experience, we excel in organizing larger ensembles and bands, such as the awe-inspiring double string quartet, forming an octet, or even a larger orchestra consisting of forty or more talented musicians.

Kindly note that larger ensembles necessitate rehearsal time and the arrangement of dedicated sheet music, both of which incur additional costs. Our website provides detailed information on our fees, which can be accessed here.


When you entrust your corporate event’s musical arrangements to our string quartet, you are not merely hiring musicians but engaging with a rich and diverse musical tapestry. Our repertoire is truly extensive, boasting an expansive collection of over 3,000 songs. We proudly offer a broad spectrum of genres that span across eras and cultures, ranging from timeless classical compositions of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras, to popular tunes and jazz numbers from the 1950s to the present day. Our library even embraces the vibrant rhythms of tangos, the soulful depth of hymns, the earthy charm of folk melodies, the spontaneity of jazz compositions, and the joyous spirit of celebratory carols. With such an eclectic range, we cater to all musical preferences and occasions.

Our experienced quartet meticulously curates our performance to blend seamlessly with your event’s ambiance, striking the perfect note at every moment. By entrusting the musical selection to us, you eliminate the stress of song selection and ensure a minimal pause between performances. This creates a continuous, harmonious backdrop to your event, with our quartet transitioning effortlessly from one piece to another, preserving the ebb and flow of your gathering.

However, we highly value your personal preferences. If you have specific songs or genres of music you wish for us to perform, we warmly invite you to share your selection with us. We will do our utmost to incorporate your choices, further personalising the event to your taste and expectations.

Moreover, we recognise that certain moments of the night require unique musical accompaniment to elevate their significance. If there are particular times during the event where music takes the centre stage, we gladly accommodate up to three special song requests. These featured songs, performed at pivotal moments, will undoubtedly contribute to the lasting memories of your event, resonating with the attendees and adding a personal touch to the occasion. We invite you to explore our library of over 3,000 songs to fully appreciate the breadth and depth of our musical offerings.


In the event that your favourite tune isn’t among the 3,000+ melodies in our extensive repertoire, we are delighted to arrange it exclusively for your corporate event at no additional expense. We understand the power of music in enhancing the overall event experience, and how a certain song can evoke a specific emotion or theme.

In fact, we offer to accommodate up to three special song requests without incurring extra charges. This allows you to infuse your event with your personal touch, ensuring that your cherished melodies are performed live, thereby creating an even more memorable and exclusive experience for your attendees. These special arrangements could be anything from a timeless classic that echoes your company’s ethos, to a recent chart-topper that embodies the spirit of your event.

In the case where you desire more than three customised song arrangements, we apply a nominal fee of $200 + GST per song. This charge covers the time and expertise invested in arranging the additional pieces.

Our goal is to create an auditory experience that not only pleases your guests but also leaves a lasting impression, encapsulating the essence of your corporate event. By offering personalised song arrangements, we aim to deliver a truly bespoke musical experience that resonates with your brand and the unique atmosphere of your event.


We typically recommend engaging our string quartet for the initial 60-90 minutes of your event, when guests are first arriving and are most responsive to the richness of our live performance. This is an ideal time for them to soak in the ambiance of the gathering while they settle into conversations and interactions.

However, should you desire our live string quartet to be the soundtrack for your entire event, rest assured that our harmonious melodies will permeate the room for smaller corporate affairs catering to forty guests or less.

For grander corporate gatherings with over eighty attendees, we propose two approaches:

ACOUSTIC UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE: In this scenario, we advocate for securing our quartet’s presence for the first 60-90 minutes of your event. This is the moment when our strings can capture your guests’ attention and set the mood for your event. As the atmosphere warms and guests delve deeper into social exchanges, the volume of conversations may potentially overshadow our acoustic resonance.

When this shift occurs, we recommend transitioning to a curated playlist broadcasted over speakers, ensuring a seamless auditory experience that won’t disrupt your guests’ immersion in the event. This strategic ebb and flow between live music and recorded tunes will create a multifaceted, memorable event where each phase is enhanced by the corresponding musical accompaniment.

AMPLIFIED PERFORMANCE: To ensure the best audio quality for our amplified performance, we kindly request that if your venue is equipped with sound equipment, you arrange for a sound engineer to place one microphone on a stand in front of each musician in our string quartet. This setup allows for optimal capture of our enchanting melodies and ensures that every nuance of our performance is heard with utmost clarity.

In order to guarantee an impeccable audio experience, we recommend hiring our string quartet for an additional 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time. This dedicated time allows your sound engineer and our musicians to conduct a thorough soundcheck, fine-tuning the audio levels and ensuring that all technical aspects are in perfect harmony. By allocating this extra time, you can rest assured that our performance will be flawlessly amplified, creating a memorable musical experience for you and your guests.


If our string quartet performance will take place in a large indoor space (over 400m2), if there’ll be more than eighty guests, and you wish for us to serenade your event beyond the initial 60-90 minutes, we strongly recommend amplifying our string quartet. This is also advisable if we are required to perform featured songs which will command the full attention of your audience. In such scenarios, acoustic performances may not project our harmonies to their fullest potential. However, an acoustic setup will suffice for the early phase of the event, welcoming the arrival of guests with ambient melodies in the background.

To amplify us, we kindly ask that your venue provide sound equipment and engage a sound engineer to position a microphone on a stand in front of each of our quartet members. This arrangement optimises the capture of our captivating harmonies and ensures that every detail of our performance reaches your guests with crystal clarity.

To further ensure a flawless auditory experience, we suggest booking our string quartet an additional 30 minutes before their scheduled performance time. This reserved time allows for a thorough soundcheck between your sound engineer and our musicians. With this opportunity to finely adjust the audio levels and harmonise all technical elements, you can be confident that our performance will be perfectly amplified throughout the course of your important event.


In some cities, we can provide a state-of-the-arts wireless amplification system to ensure all guests appreciate our music.

With a wireless system, there’s no need to concern yourself with electrical safety tag checks or guests tripping over cables and wires.

You can also put any concerns about balance and volume to rest. Our experienced musicians will make precise adjustments to ensure that our music resonates beautifully throughout the space, capturing the perfect balance between audibility and ambiance.

We can also configure ambient background music to be played over the speakers, filling the silence during our short breaks.

The additional cost for this service is $650, and we’ll need to arrive at least one hour before the booking time to set up. 

If you’re interested in this service, please let us know when making your enquiry or when filling out our booking form. 


Since we read our music on our iPads, we can perform in dark and low-light settings.


We are happy to perform outdoors; however, our highly valuable instruments require protection from direct sunlight, rain, and wind.

Suitable outdoor settings include verandas, balconies, and decks with overhead cover, marquees, large shade umbrellas, or spacious trees providing ample shade without falling foliage risks.

Performing on or near sand is not feasible due to potential instrument damage.

In the event of inclement weather, please ensure an indoor backup performance area is available.


We require minimal assistance from our clients. 

Here are our performance requirements.


We acknowledge the crucial need for seamless coordination on the day of your important corporate event, and our duties extend beyond delivering stunning live music; we also promise a smooth experience from our side. By choosing our services, you can rest assured that we will handle all music-related aspects, allowing you to attend to your guests.

Upon reaching out to us, one of our professional musicians will serve as your dedicated point of contact all the way up until your function date, reducing the risk of miscommunication.

We respond to emails and missed calls within 24 hours and are accessible seven days a week, ensuring you receive the care you deserve.

Please note that while we offer unlimited assistance via email and phone, in-person consultations are charged at an hourly rate of $200 + GST.


Our prices are visible on our website and include GST and travel time by car from the CBD. There are no additional or hidden fees.

We arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of your booking time to set up and start performing promptly on time.


We require a non-refundable $500 deposit to secure your booking, with the remaining balance owing at least 30 days prior to your event date. We’ll email you a reminder closer to the date.


In case of cancellation, we’ll provide a full credit valid for two years from the cancellation date, given that we receive at least 30 days’ notice.

If government-imposed restrictions render your event unfeasible and beyond your control, we’ll extend a full credit as long as we are notified a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

We hold comprehensive public liability insurance coverage of up to AUD 20 million, ensuring protection throughout Australia.


Choosing to hire our string quartet for your corporate function will undoubtedly add a touch of sophistication and class to your event. Our skilled musicians, extensive repertoire, and commitment to delivering the highest quality performance make us the perfect choice for your next corporate gathering. 

To secure our services for your event, book online or contact us today, and allow us to transform your function into an extraordinary affair.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Awards

  ABC Young Performer of the Year Award
  Atheneum Chamber Music Award
  Hephzibah Menuhin Competition
  Melbourne Research Scholarship
  Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant
  Gwenn Prockter Cello Award
  McCaw-Bainton Scholarship
  Tait Memorial Trust Award
  Sid Curry Memorial Award
  Hattori Foundation Award
  Donald Hazelwood Award
  PPCA Foundation Award
  J Albert and Son Prize
  4MBS Musica Viva Sid Page Memorial Prize
  Melbourne Abroad Travelling Scholarship
  Austral Salon Instrumental Competition
  Mietta Song Recital Award – Best Pianist
  Centenary Medal for Service to the Arts
  Margaret Sutherland Bursary Award
  Australia Council for the Arts Award
  E.V Llewellyn Memorial Scholarship
  Australian Music Foundation Award
  Dandenong Festival of Music & Arts Gold Medallion
  Australian Chamber Music Competition
  Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition
  Macklin Bursary Award
  Banff International String Quartet Competition
  Sleath Scholarship
  Australian Concerto Competition
  Australian National Piano Award
  Fine Music Australia Young Performer Award
  Gisborne International Music Competition, NZ
  Musica Viva Grand Prize
  Geoffrey Parsons Award
  Dorcus McClean Travelling Scholarship
  Kendall National Violin Competition
  Geelong Advertiser Music Competition
  Eric Read Cello Award
  Tallis Bursary Award
  Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition