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australia's prestigious orchestras

We perform with the following premier orchestras:

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Opera Australia Orchestra
West Australian Symphony Orchestra
Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Canberra Symphony Orchestra
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Australian Brandenburg Orchestra
Melbourne Chamber Orchestra
Australian Chamber Orchestra
Darwin Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra Victoria

2012-04 - SMA Melbourne Quartet 8

Australia's leading string musicians & ORCHESTRAS

Australia is a thriving hub of world-class orchestral music, boasting an impressive array of full-time orchestras that cater to diverse musical tastes and interests. As the nation’s leading ensembles, these orchestras not only play an essential role in promoting the art of classical music but also serve as a platform for nurturing and showcasing the talents of Australia’s finest string musicians. These musicians are renowned for their skill, passion, and dedication, which is evident in the powerful performances they deliver.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, established in 1906 and 1932 respectively, are among the oldest and most prestigious orchestras in the country. They have built an international reputation for their innovative programming and exceptional performances, making them a popular choice for both classical music aficionados and first-time listeners alike.

The West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra are also integral members of the Australian orchestral scene. Each of these ensembles has its unique identity and repertoire, with a commitment to fostering creativity and artistic excellence. They are dedicated to engaging with their local communities, offering concerts, educational programs, and outreach initiatives that have a far-reaching impact.

The Canberra Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and Orchestra Victoria round out the nation’s full-time orchestras, and each of them boasts an impressive roster of musicians and conductors who continually push the boundaries of classical music. They are known for their collaborative spirit and pursuit of artistic innovation, which allows them to create memorable experiences for their audiences.

Australia’s chamber orchestras, such as the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, and Australian Chamber Orchestra, offer a more intimate and immersive experience of classical music. They specialize in performing works from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods, often on period instruments, bringing the music of the past to life for contemporary audiences.

Finally, the Darwin Symphony Orchestra, situated in the Northern Territory, proudly represents its unique cultural and geographical context. Its diverse programming, encompassing both classical and indigenous music, showcases the rich artistic tapestry of the region.

In conclusion, Australia’s full-time orchestras and their remarkable string musicians are a testament to the country’s flourishing classical music scene. These ensembles provide the nation with a rich and varied soundtrack, offering audiences unforgettable musical experiences and fostering an enduring appreciation for the art of orchestral performance.

Our musicians proudly perform with all of the above orchestras.

Our Awards

  ABC Young Performer of the Year Award
  Atheneum Chamber Music Award
  Hephzibah Menuhin Competition
  Melbourne Research Scholarship
  Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant
  Gwenn Prockter Cello Award
  McCaw-Bainton Scholarship
  Tait Memorial Trust Award
  Sid Curry Memorial Award
  Hattori Foundation Award
  Donald Hazelwood Award
  PPCA Foundation Award
  J Albert and Son Prize
  4MBS Musica Viva Sid Page Memorial Prize
  Melbourne Abroad Travelling Scholarship
  Austral Salon Instrumental Competition
  Mietta Song Recital Award – Best Pianist
  Centenary Medal for Service to the Arts
  Margaret Sutherland Bursary Award
  Australia Council for the Arts Award
  E.V Llewellyn Memorial Scholarship
  Australian Music Foundation Award
  Dandenong Festival of Music & Arts Gold Medallion
  Australian Chamber Music Competition
  Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition
  Macklin Bursary Award
  Banff International String Quartet Competition
  Sleath Scholarship
  Australian Concerto Competition
  Australian National Piano Award
  Fine Music Australia Young Performer Award
  Gisborne International Music Competition, NZ
  Musica Viva Grand Prize
  Geoffrey Parsons Award
  Dorcus McClean Travelling Scholarship
  Kendall National Violin Competition
  Geelong Advertiser Music Competition
  Eric Read Cello Award
  Tallis Bursary Award
  Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition


Australia is home to an astounding range of musical talent, from world-class instrumentalists to breathtaking vocalists. The nurturing of this talent is significantly attributed to the nation’s prestigious music awards and competitions, which not only
acknowledge exceptional skill but also provide invaluable experiences, opportunities, and scholarships.

These competitions are of immense significance, not just in Australia, but in the global music community as well. They are the platforms where musicians receive recognition, and they provide a stepping stone for many towards international acclaim.

Let’s delve into some of these distinguished awards that the musicians from String Musicians Australia have won.

Key Awards & Competitions

Australian Concerto Competition and the Australian National Piano Award are two of the nation’s most distinguished competitions that offer young musicians a national stage to demonstrate their prowess in their chosen instruments. These competitions offer not just a competitive platform, but also provide winners with substantial prizes, including scholarships, mentorship, and performance opportunities, paving the way for their future careers.

Fine Music Australia Young Performer Award provides a platform for musicians under 25 to compete against each other, while the Gisborne International Music Competition in New Zealand is an opportunity for Australian musicians to test their skills internationally.

The Musica Viva Grand Prize and the Geoffrey Parsons Award are two other prestigious accolades that honour the exceptional skills of instrumentalists and accompanists respectively, fostering a culture of excellence and encouraging the pursuit of musical mastery.

Dorcus McClean Travelling Scholarship provides the invaluable opportunity for talented violinists to further their studies overseas, enriching their musical knowledge and expertise through international exposure. The Kendall National Violin Competition, another premier event, nurtures young violinists and offers them a national platform to showcase their talent.

The Melbourne Abroad Travelling Scholarship and the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant are two key awards that provide musicians with the resources to pursue their musical dreams overseas, fostering cross-cultural exchanges and broadening the musicians’ horizons.

Australia Council for the Arts Award and the Australian Music Foundation Award are prominent recognitions that support and endorse the creativity and professionalism of Australian musicians. They are symbolic of the nation’s commitment to nurturing its artistic talents.

The ABC Young Performer of the Year Award is a coveted title that recognises and nurtures Australia’s most promising young performers. This award has launched the careers of many musicians, providing them with national recognition and numerous performance opportunities.

The Banff International String Quartet Competition and the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition are two international competitions where Australian musicians can showcase their talent and compete with their global counterparts. Winning these competitions is a testament to the world-class talent nurtured in Australia.

The Melbourne Violin Competition, an event initiated by Australian violinist and entrepreneur Jennen Ngiau-Keng, is a new addition to the global music contest scene. It offers a unique and daunting challenge for the competitors. The competition focuses on the solo violin compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, specifically his Six Sonatas and Partitas, which demand a high level of skill and precision from the violinist. The jury consists of Melbourne’s leading classical musicians, ensuring a fair and expert evaluation of the performances.

The Significance of These MUSIC Competitions

These awards and competitions are significant because they provide a platform for musicians to demonstrate their talent, receive feedback from seasoned professionals, and gain exposure to wider audiences.

Furthermore, these competitions often provide scholarships and grants, which are crucial for many musicians to pursue their studies and professional careers. These financial aids often fund further education, participation in international competitions or festivals, and even the creation of new works.

Moreover, these awards contribute to the cultural richness of Australia, promoting diversity, fostering talent, and facilitating cultural exchange. They uphold the high standards of Australian music and encourage continuous growth and development in the sector.


Australia’s prestigious music awards and competitions are much more than a recognition of talent. They are pillars of support for musicians, providing them with the opportunities, resources, and experiences necessary to develop their skills and careers. Winning these awards and competitions not only acknowledges the musicians’ extraordinary talent but also signals their readiness to make their mark.

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