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  • Australia's finest award-winning string quartet musicians.
  • Hundreds of string quartet performances. Weddings and corporate
  • Our string musicians perform with Australia's leading orchestras
  • Special song requests at no extra cost
  • Listen to over 200 string quartet recordings

String Quartet Wedding Hire

String Musicians Australia provides live classical music as a string quartet, string trio, duo or as a string quartet for weddings and corporate function hire all around Australia. String Musicians Australia is run by professional musicians, so when you contact us, you’ll be speaking with experienced musicians who have performed for hundreds of weddings, corporate functions and other celebratory events.

We can perform any special requests at no additional cost. Even if it's not in our library, we'll find the music and arrange it for you, free of charge.

We are some of Australia’s finest young string musicians. We perform with Australia’s leading symphony and chamber orchestras, and have also won major national and international music competitions. To read more about our qualifications and the many awards that we have won, please view our achievements.

We service all of Australia’s major cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Newcastle. We also travel up to 4 hours outside each of these CBDs. And no matter where your mefunction may be, we guarantee that you’ll always be hiring the finest professional string quartet wedding hire musicians.

Our different music ensembles cater for all environments, ambiences and budgets. Select from a double string quartet, string quartet, string trio, violin & cello duo, violin & piano duo or solo violin. We usually recommend a string quartet for most functions, especially wedding ceremonies, as a wedding string quartet offers the richest harmonies. A string quartet includes two violins, one viola and one cello. Double string quartets are hired for filling larger spaces, and string trios and duos are more cost-efficient and are often sufficient for filling small spaces. A solo violin can be a great choice too, depending on the mood you’d like to create.


We have satisfied many clients across Australia with our professionalism, punctuality, personalised service, and quality of music. Feel free to read testimonials from many of our appreciative clients.

We have a large selection of music and perform many different styles, including classical, romantic, folk, pop, tango and jazz. Please feel free to listen to our string quartet recordings. These recordings have not been edited, with 95% recorded with just one take. We didn’t hire a professional recording studio or use expensive recording equipment.

As the majority of our clients are brides and grooms, we are employed mostly for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Whilst many brides and grooms are happy for us to select the music to perform, others like to request songs. We encourage all our clients to listen to our recordings and select any of the songs that they’d like us to perform. We have also suggested the most popular songs for weddings, and have listed them on our wedding string quartet page.

In addition to string quartets for weddings, we regularly provide background music for corporate functions, birthdays, house-warmings, display home inspections, funerals and wakes. Of course, these are just a few of the many occasions that we can provide beautiful music.

We not only provide a high quality professional service, but we love what we do, so if you have any questions, or if you have lots of questions, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be very happy to assist you with all your enquiries. Once you’re ready to hire, please fill out our ­booking form for quality string quartet hire.