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Top 10 Wedding Quartet Songs For An Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

That Special Day Is Coming

Amidst all the turbulence of the present day, you have struck gold and peace all at the same time. You have found your soul mate and are planning the special day when you will become one family. There are but just a few similar emotional days in a person’s life, with the wedding, probably leading the pack.

The preparations for this special occasion are underway. You have chosen the most angelic white wedding dress. You have found the perfect venue. The menu is about set, and the lamingtons’ design is established. The lists of guests are almost ready. The wine has been ordered. The state officials are booked, and the religious ceremony is set … Anything missing? 

Absolutely. Something is necessary to glue all of these together. Something which will lead the whole ceremony seamlessly and emotionally. Adding flavour to the moment and adding magic to the “Yes”. That would be the music.

A Live Performance

A live music hire for a wedding is the most popular choice across the globe. Now, what shall you go for? A rock band? A famous pop performer? A didgeridoo artist?

All of the above is fine and may be a good idea for certain parts of the ceremony.

However, for a more holistic, romantic, and emotional wedding experience, there is no substitute for a professional string quartet. This will bring out the class and taste of the organisers. A violin band for a wedding is probably the best choice which you can make. Having a string quartet wedding will make the whole wedding ceremony an unforgettable affair. 

The string quartet performance will lead, guide, and make every step of the wedding complete, exquisite, and memorable. 

The Top 10 Wedding Quartet Songs For An Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

All of us have our specific musical tastes and preferences. Some are conservatively classical. Others prefer jazz. Yet others enjoy rock and pop. Which to choose?

Actually, when employing a string quartet, all of these are possible choices. A live violin band can not only play all genres of music, but it will make all of them sound in a much more warm and emotional way. This will make every moment of your ceremony stand out and become an unforgettable memory.

You do need this for this special day.

When selecting the repertoire of your string quartet, you will certainly add some of your and your fiancé’s personal favourites. These may be the tune you were listening to when you first met. Or the music of that movie when you both wept. Or the song which you sang that night at the karaoke bar. All of us have our musical stories, and these are great for including on your special day.

However, there are certain staples that are used more often. Actually, when you hear this music, you often instinctively think of a wedding. Here are the top 10 wedding quartet songs of 2022, including the exact key moments where they will sound magical:

  1. Introduction theme

The guests are arriving, eager to be part of this wonderful moment. A great wedding intro theme is “You Are the Reason” from Calum Scott.

  1. Warming up for the ceremony

The main events will start soon. The guests may be a bit more emotional. Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” is perfect for easing the tension and putting the right perspective on the ceremony.

  1. Parents preparing to see the bride down the aisle

This can be a sad moment, as the parents are seeing their beloved daughter off, yet is also a magic moment, as her husband-to-be is in anticipation of his bride. “Time to Say Good Bye” by Andrea Bocelli is just such a sad yet happy tune. 

  1. The first appearance of the bride

Our tradition has it that the bride shall remain hidden (even from the groom) until the time comes for her to make her appearance. Pachelbel’s Canon Bridal Entrance is the perfect tune for this special moment. A string quartet can really make the music sound as if coming from another world. The music is emotional, tender, and delicate – just like the bride.

  1. Walking along the aisle

This will be a time to remember. If for certain other moments, there may be some alternatives to the music which is most appropriate, the isle walk has no alternatives. The music necessary here is Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” – after all, it is a “wedding,” and they are “marching” down the aisle.

  1. In anticipation of unveiling the bride

This is a very special moment. The bride will shine for the first time in front of her groom and the wedding guests. The most popular suggestion for this moment is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. No need to explain why. 

  1. “I do” is mentioned

At the culmination of the wedding ceremony, the long-awaited answer “I do” is said. What could be a more reasonable tune than the ABBA classic “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”. This song also is a great prelude to the soon-to-come festivities. 

  1. Ave Maria

The vows have been exchanged, the bulk of the ceremony has passed and it is a great time to wish the newly wedded that the Wholly Mother will watch over their new family. Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria” does exactly this.

  1. Hallelujah

A perfect finale to the official part of the wedding is the magic song by Lenard Kohen “Hallelujah”

  1. The first dance of the newlywed

The bride and groom will open the dance floor for the first time as a family. There can hardly be a better tune than “Stand by Me” from Ben E King. After all, isn’t that what all weddings are about?

  1. +1 Time for a party 

Here is a bonus tune. But this is something very Australian (although the original song comes from far away).

Now that “the job is done” it is time for the party. Sure, there will be much music to come, but a great way to start it all is with Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits”. This is the Assize wedding staple line dance. Everyone knows the moves and it has to be the best way to get the party started. You will be amazed at how the song will sound when played by a string quartet.

The above staple wedding music is the cream of the most popular wedding melodies these days.  Surely there are many more great and popular tunes that may be added to the ceremony. Surely each couple will also have their personal favorites for their special day. All of this will make the wedding day a truly unforgettable experience – both for the bride and groom, their close ones, and all of the guests. 

The string quartet will add the unique ingredients – the secret sauce – of a high-end and classy affair. Arrange one for your special day and create an unforgettable experience.