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Planning your perfect wedding day
- The Music Chronicles

Imagine yourself at one end of the aisle, looking at a sea of familiar faces with Cheshire cat smiles, the setting is perfect: your attire is beautiful, the flowers are splendiferous, the weather is gorgeous, your partner’s adoring eyes look back at you affectionately and all the effort that’s been put in so far has led to this moment. You start to make your way down the aisle and cue “ Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mambo Number Five”. 

Just like that, the five years you might have spent imagining this perfect moment have been ruined by Lou Bega’s rendition of his five scandalous encounters. 

Music, albeit an afterthought, could shape the tone for your ceremony, the period before, the drinks after, the dance floor and many more important memories on a day that will be looked back on fondly. Surveys show that at least 78% of newlyweds regretted investing only a small portion of their planning into entertainment. 

The symphonies to choose from can range from a DIY playlist made in a hurry to elegant string quartets that serenade you and your spouse-to-be while you share your first dance. 

This is our four step guide to curating wedding music that will leave you and your guests swooning about the ceremony for years to come:

Pick your moments

As much as picking the right songs are key to your wedding day, the right music has to play at the right time. Planning your wedding and foreseeing key processions can help determine the type of music, the talent and the tone required. Two professionals and a recessional are standard for most weddings. 

The variables though are already at play. Your wedding party could walk down the aisle to the same song as your partner’s processional or have something unique using a band or quartet trios. The music could be melodious and toned down or upbeat and energetic. The selection of music for recessionals is also vast and can be DIY

Identifying crucial moments defines subsequent steps in picking music that enhances your wedding day.

Have a single minded vision – Consider a theme and your history 

It needn’t be said that every wedding couple is unique. But, this is important more so during the planning stages of a wedding. Planning elements of a wedding that do not resonate with you but that have been passed down the grapevine as incredible experiences to have can be dangerous territory. You might think to play a string quartet’s rendition of ‘Can’t help falling in love’ by Elvis Presley after watching a movie because your family said it was wholesome. But if you would rather walk into ‘Simply the best’ by Tina Turner on the day, you simply have to do you.

If you don’t feel comfortable on your wedding day, the experience will not feel complete. You do not want to look back at the day with regret. Put your taste in the forefront and find music you and your partner can connect to. Your history with each other should define the songs you pick together. Not only will it instil meaning but it will also elevate the culmination of your journey together.

Most importantly, processional songs with seemingly no connection to each other or the auspicity of the day can make the ceremony feel disconnected. Choose a musical theme to help you tie the event together and establish a better flow between songs as the wedding party progresses.

Professional or DIY

Another fork in the road when picking music usually originates over hiring professionals to organise entertainment for the wedding compared to relying on a playlist or even enlisting the talents of your over-enthusiastic cousin that can host, sing and play music. While there are benefits to both, the answer is entirely dependent on your budget, the flexibility you desire, your planning and the rendition that your cousin can deliver.

Why would you pick a professional?

  • Going with a professional string quartet could help alleviate the stress of playing music during the downtime, such as during the prelude or secondary.
  • Live music can also adjust to the flow of your day. Walking down the aisle can subsequently be at your pace as opposed to a song you picked out. 
  • The added elegance and depth of something like a string quartet could be missed if songs from a playlist are chosen. 
  • Professionals such as DJs can help play music during the reception while also picking from a wider range of music. 

Why would you go DIY?

  • DIY on the other hand could give you the opportunity to save money and give you complete control over the entire process. 
  • Using your friends and family to help can help make the day feel intimate and special. 
  • The details and execution are entirely up to you. Doing it yourself gives you complete freedom and flexibility to manifest your vision for the wedding.

Adding and avoiding surprises

While planning with your partner should be a fundamental requirement for every wedding, a special surprise can warm their hearts. A favourite band, a celebrity guest appearance or a violin rendition of your partner’s favourite song could be tear jerkers that make a special day unforgettable. Let your organiser know what you’ve chosen and ensure the tissues are on hand.

Avoiding surprises such as equipment hire fees, service fees and stage set-up can also help reduce the hassle of planning music at your wedding. When picking the talent for your entertainment, ensure your costs are provided to you upfront. For live music and external vendors, ensure the artists come from verified organisations. 

String Musicians Australia has reputed members of Australia’s leading symphony orchestras, who are full-time professionals and have performed for over 500 wedding ceremonies Australia-wide.

A multitude of options is available to you when planning music. Using these four steps with a considered approach can avoid mishaps. As alluded to before, entertainment is often a misconstrued element of a wedding day celebration. Hiring professional String Musicians for your processionals is guaranteed to alleviate the stress of planning music and provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

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