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Jennen Ngiau-Keng is a distinguished violinist who has captivated audiences with his relentless passion and commitment to his craft. Born and raised in Melbourne, Jennen received his education at Camberwell Grammar School on a full scholarship, a place where his fervour for music thrived.

Jennen’s classical training serves as the backbone to his music; however, his flexibility and adaptability are truly noteworthy. His diverse performance history ranges from jazz ensembles to mariachi bands, and he has collaborated with world-renowned artists such as Hans Zimmer, Russell Crowe, The Ministry of Sound, and The Angels. His skill set extends to the Irish fiddle, which he executes with the same finesse.

Shortly after attending the Australian National Academy of Music from 2002 to 2005, Jennen ascended to the role of Concertmaster for the Australian Youth Orchestra. Under the guidance of respected mentors like Jun Yi Ma, Alice Waten, and John Harding, he refined his skills and completed a Master of Music Studies Degree at the University of Tasmania in 2008.

Jennen’s influence on Australia’s classical music landscape is extensive. He co-founded the Coffs Harbour String Quartet and launched the esteemed 2018 Melbourne International Violin Competition. With over 100 awards and accolades from music competitions such as the Gisborne International Music Competition, the Kendall National Violin Competition, and the Geelong Advertiser Music Competition,
his career is illustrious.

Jennen’s musical journey has taken him on extensive tours as a soloist and chamber musician across Australia, Europe, Asia, and the United States. He has showcased his talents as a soloist with renowned orchestras including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, and the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. Jennen has also toured with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and served as Guest Concertmaster for the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

Jennen’s commitment to music education is deeply rooted, as evidenced by his masterclass on violin technique at Melbourne University and his role as a demonstration violinist for the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) Technical Syllabus and Key Techniques CD-Rom series. Currently, he graces the stage playing
a Graham Caldersmith violin and a Matthew Coltman bow, both esteemed prizes. He also performs as a casual violinist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, consistently displaying his exceptional skills and ardour for music.

Jennen’s unwavering dedication to his art and his enthusiasm for fostering budding talent has left a significant imprint on Australia’s classical music scene. In 2011, he founded String Musicians Australia, partnering with some of the nation’s most distinguished musicians. Together, they have performed at over 2,000 events, including weddings, corporate functions, celebrations, and funerals.

Engaging Jennen and his respected colleagues is as simple as completing our booking form. Experience the magic of his music and the enchanting atmosphere it creates.

'Jennen and his team were lovely to work with and very accommodating. Nothing is too difficult. Very professional, punctual, and experienced! Highly recommend String Musicians Australia. Thanks Jennen.'
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