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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have you had much experience performing?

Yes, we have! We've performed for over 500 weddings & corporate functions.

Does the booking time including setting and packing up?

No. We'll be performing for the duration of the booking. For example, if you book us from 1-2pm, we'll arrive at 12:45pm so we're ready to perform at 1pm. We won't stop performing until 2pm.

How much do you charge?

Our prices are listed on our website. Our prices are competitive, especially considering that we're Australia's leading musicians.

Do you perform special requests?

Yes. We perform special requests at no additional cost. We'll find the sheet music and arrange it for string quartet, free or charge.

I'm not a musician. How do I know if I'm booking the best musicians?

Have a listen to our recordings. You can also ask us what competitions we've won, which professional orchestras we perform for, and what our qualifications are.

Do you perform acoustically or amplified?

We don't usually perform amplified. Stringed instruments like the violin, viola, cello and double bass, sound much more beautiful when performed acoustically.

What are your requirements for a performance?

We require one armless chair per player and 2.5m x 2.5m of performance space. If we're performing outdoors, we require protection from the elements.

Do you only perform as a string quartet?

No. We also perform regularly with DJs, singers, bands & ensembles. We can help organise all of the music for your function, from mariachi bands to wind ensembles.

What's the difference in sound between a quartet, trio, duo or solo?

The more instruments, the more harmony. A string quartet is always the best option, but a trio, duo or soloist will suffice if budget is an issue.