String Musicians

Weddings After Lockdown:
Popular String Wedding Music Locations for String Trio & String Quartet

For those of us who’ve been living in New South Wales or Victoria over the last two years, chances are, you’ve been through one hell of a time experiencing lockdown and the full force of the uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us. It’s been one of the most tumultuous and disruptive times in the last century, if not more, and has really thrown peoples’ life plans out of whack. We’ve lost jobs, had our social lives completely cut off, been forced to cancel major life events, and had to reschedule things on a timeline that no one is certain of. A lot of the things we had to look forward to had to be postponed or cancelled indefinitely due to restrictions, with weddings and funerals being two major events that were directly impacted by things like travel bans and tiny capacity limits. We can only imagine how heartbreaking it must have been for newly engaged couples to have had to put their love on hold! 

However, in just 9 months we have gone from one of the most locked-down countries to one of the most open and prosperous, with things like weddings being able to resume with no restrictions whatsoever. With such a long break in between planning stages, however, we imagine people are scrambling to get themselves organised, and asking those crucial little questions that make a wedding so special. How many people should I invite (or re-invite)? Is my original location sufficient or should I move it somewhere else? What about the food, music, and entertainment? How do I choose a wedding band? 

While we are not necessarily experts in wedding planning (at least right now…), we are definitely experts in figuring out how to hire the best live wedding musicians. For us, nothing is as romantic, as captivating, as emotionally gripping, as the sounds of string instruments. The design and function of these instruments, and in particular the violin, means that they can produce an enormous range of different sounds and timbres, and are almost completely unique in their ability to produce sound. Combined with expert techniques and technical knowledge that only master instrumentalists can present, string instruments are some of the most diverse and powerful instruments in our world; perfect to curate for an event as special as a wedding. The ethereal, bright, sparkling, softness of the string instrument’s oscillations pair so very well with the mood and atmosphere of a wedding, and in small or large arrangements, string musicians can provide an unparalleled soundtrack to what might be the most special day in peoples’ lives! 

So with this in mind, getting married after lockdown, trying to figure out the best options for your music and entertainment, and taking note of the powerful melodies of a string instrument, allow us to help you find the most sensational and customisable arrangement for you and your loved one. Traditionally you will most certainly find that smaller and more intimate arrangements are preferred by wedding planners and often guests too. Fewer musicians soundtracking the entire event with a level of personal investment and detail is frequently seen as better than a huge band or arrangement that come in and play for a few songs. These larger arrangements can also begin to run into logistical issues in terms of where to host them, as well as budget constraints considering you’re having to pay more people for their time and services, even if it is for a shorter time. 

The String Trio & String Quartet formations we offer are superb across a number of fronts, including logistics and cost. Because of this tight knit arrangement, and the fact that the instruments present in a string trio or quartet can stretch across a huge range of genres and songs, slotting them into your wedding plans is easy as pie. Generally, we would recommend hiring a string quartet for your wedding, which comprises two violins, viola and cello, instead of smaller arrangements, just because we want to maximise your experience as well as ensuring that we can access the fullest of repertoires. It is also worth noting that with smaller formations comes a limited number of genres we may be able to play. A string duo, for example, will be limited to classical music only, without the full harmonies of other instruments in a string quartet. 

Speaking to the strengths of a string trio or quartet, not only are these formations extremely mobile, small in size, with compact instruments that are easily transportable, but they can also accommodate any sort of budget–big or small, can slot in with wedding proceedings like the officiation and reception, and can provide ample acoustic volumes for weddings inside or in the great outdoors. They are a tight unit and are so flexible around the often chaotic arrangements of a wedding day that you and your family have spent so much time trying to get right, hence why we could not recommend them enough as an ideal band to hire for your special day. 

So we’ve spoken at length about the strengths of our string trio and quartet arrangements, and how they might fit snugly into your wedding. But what about the location? Where will these musicians be stationed during the reception, seating, or ceremony? Do they need to be under-cover in case of inclement weather? To cover off that last point, yes, our musicians will need some sort of protection from the elements, but this does not restrict them to one place or space by any means. Realistically, the location is entirely up to the couple being wed. This could be anywhere from the local RSL to deep in a rainforest, overseas in a 17th century English cottage, or on the white sand beaches of our great nation. 

Having said that, whatever the location, our musicians can fit right in. Whether it’s being placed on the lawn outside where guests are having some canapes and drinks, inside the church hall, alongside the isles that the lovers will be walking down, or even on the driveway as the wedding cars roll up, one of our greatest abilities is that of mobility and flexibility. It’s such a small set of musicians that we can fit into any scenario, any location, any position, and make that particular position absolutely shine.

Hire us for your next wedding and we can promise an unforgettable experience. What better way is there to celebrate your love than to have our musicians serenade you with whatever music you desire, slotted perfectly in place in your dream wedding location. Enquire with us today on 1300 997 923, or visit our website to start up a dialogue on how we can make your special day even more special. If you’re in the market for a full experience, you can book us for both your wedding ceremony and reception and receive a 10% discount, no matter the arrangement or timing! Please do reach out to us today so we can begin the process of planning out a day all about you and your lover. With us there to make the experience oh so wonderful, you’re guaranteed to have an utterly inimitable time.