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Live Music To Make You A Happier Person

Is your big event coming along and you are thinking “should I get live bands for hire?”  Since we know how confusing it gets to decide such things, we will help you settle this question with ease. Furthermore, we´ll go through the top 5 benefits of live music and tell you not only why it is the best choice for your event, but also why you should experience it more often. 

Read on and make a wise decision; give your guests a treat they will never forget.

Live music, top 5 benefits

When thinking about music hire we often wonder why we should go the extra mile and not just go for a DJ. Well, here are the top 5 benefits of having live music played in your big event. The list could go on forever, but we feel these five reasons are enough.

It can help live a long  life

According to a study carried out in Sweden and cited by the Harvard University, live music has mental health benefits. Moreover, it can increase the life expectancy of concertgoers and theatre lovers. According to what scientists found, there is no other social or cultural variable to explain that concertgoers had 1.57 fewer chances of dying during the study than those who didn’t go to concerts.

Although there is only one study, indicators show a promising result. So, by hiring a band to perform, you would be helping your guests live longer besides having fun. 

An ephemeral experience can create lifelong memories

When you go for a live band hire for your special event, you are exposing your guests to a unique experience. We say unique because the music being played live can never be recreated exactly. That is why we call music an ephemeral phenomenon because it is a still of time unlike any other.

Yet, when you witness something uncanny, you tend to treasure it in your memory. Thus, you´ll be creating lifelong memories of “being there” and experiencing that one special moment. Aren’t those the best memories we have, the ones that can’t be repeated?

Witness art in the making

When getting in touch with live bands for hire you are hiring artists to make live art for your guests. What does this mean? Well, it means that you are taking your event to the next level. Yours will no longer be just another party where people danced to all the fashionable hit songs played by some random DJ.

There is indeed something powerful about witnessing the very moment inspiration hits a bow and the bow hits the note. Furthermore, the more gifted the musicians, the more outrageously important it is to have them playing live. After all, the sparks, fireworks, and passion put in by live performance musicians cannot be matched by any audio equipment in the world.

It can release happiness hormones

What we know as emotions are really chemical processes in our brains. For example, a stress hormone called cortisol is released by our bodies whenever we need to be extra alert and worried. On the other hand, neurotransmitters like serotonin are experienced as a sensation of wellbeing, pleasure, and can put a smile upon our faces.

Going for live music hire might just be the way to see smiles proliferate in your guests´ faces. Moreover, a body releasing feel-good hormones fights back against stress hormones like cortisol. This way, if your guests arrive troubled and stressed from their daily lives, music will help them get rid of tension and just smile. 

As a plus, your event photos will look better than ever.

It creates a sense of community among the present

Witnessing a unique event like experiencing live music from bands hire can generate a sense of community among those present. If you pay close attention to what goes on around you, you might see the blossoming of smiles correspondingly. Beyond that, the feeling of “I was there too” will linger in their memories and will persist as a bond among those present.

What could be a better excuse to hire live musicians for your event than to bond the audience? You will be brought up in conversations in the future when they recall, for example, the breathtaking solo from the violin player. 

That sense of community will not dissipate easily. Those witnessing that unique performance will have an everlasting link among them.

Hear the real thing

A DJ could never compete with a live band hire. There are several reasons behind this statement, let’s see two of them:

  • All frequencies are there – When music is recorded, some of the natural frequencies and harmonic overtones get lost forever. This is, regardless of the format and the equipment. Moreover, even the purest form, which is vinyl, needs to cut on low-end harmonic overtones not to blow speakers. No other music representation is as accurate as live music.

  • Magic moments – When music is played live, what shines through is the personality of the musician. Moreover, they can set the general mood with their own timing and intention. It might be the same note played by different musicians in different scenarios and it´ll never sound the same. Going back to that epic violin solo; magic in the making is always beyond recorded music; interpretation is always a game-changer.

Inspire the youngest

Recorded music might be cool, more practical, and easier to organise but it will never have the same inspirational power that live music has. This is especially true when it comes to the youngest generation. Indeed, most world-class musicians started as kids who were flabbergasted after watching an artist play live. 

Will you miss the chance to let your kids’ senses wander with live music? Moreover, this is true for all the children present at the event, so you will be helping your friends´ children as well.

As a special mention in this sense, exposing people to a not-so-common genre of music could open an entirely new chapter in their lives. It can inspire them to take a different path than they would have if you didn’t go the extra mile of hiring live music.

Finally, the better the quality of the musicians hired, the more likely they´ll be impacting the world around them. This is without even mentioning the repertoire, which could have the special arrangement of your favorite song making it a more-than-special moment. 

Live magic is the best way to haunt and enamour a person’s senses, and live music is just like that – something that they’ll remember and admire forever.

The perfect entertainment for your guests

To make an analogy, organising an event is just like putting a puzzle together. You can´t be missing any piece and they all should go in their right position for the puzzle to be completed. Therefore, you need to think about different moments and moods that will suit all your guests.

Picture this for a minute; you are walking into the big reception where food and drinks are served. All your friends are looking sharp in their best suits and dresses, and the lighting is perfect to make the night cosy and elegant. You turn your head and see a red carpet in the corner with four smart-dressed string musicians playing your favorite song in a delightful arrangement.

Suddenly, the violin player goes into a solo and everyone turns around to admire her skill. She just feels every note and the air fills with music and emotion and you feel a tiny tear rolling down your face. It finds a way into your smile and you realise the puzzle is together when, at the end of the solo, everybody explodes in huge applause with smiles and screams alike.

After the reception, people sit down for their food, and after that, the DJ plays catchy tunes that remind you of how you fell in love with your husband. Your guests and you dance the night away and what once was pure emotion and happiness turns into dancing, jumping, and screaming.

Another version of the same story would be you walking down the church aisle with the most delicious classical music playing live behind you. Just imagine the notes with the building´s natural reverb floating in the air and fueling your smile.

Live music is the best option for you and your guests to turn just another celebration into an epic night that everyone will remember.

In conclusion: live music soothes the soul!

Contacting live bands for hire, such as String Musicians in Australia, could be the perfect way of taking any event to the next level. Allow your guests to ride the emotional rollercoaster of magic happening in real time. Inspire their children, engage their serotonin, and, more importantly, create lifelong memories for them.

Don’t just settle with recorded music, make your celebration the epic moment it deserves to be. Hire live band music and let their magic do the rest.