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From the age of six to 24, Australian violinist, Jennen Ngiau-Keng, won over $100,000 in competition prize money. 

1st Prizes include:  

  • 2009: Gisborne International Music Competition
  • 2008: Australian Youth Classical Music Competition
  • 2008: Hephzibah Menuhin String Competition
  • 2006: Kendall National Violin Competition
  • 2004: Australia Day Melbourne Busker's Competition 
  • 2001: Austral Salon Instrumental Music Competition 

Jennen has performed over 50 concertos as soloist with orchestras including:

  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
  • Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
  • Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
  • Melbourne Chamber Orchestra
  • Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO2) 
  • Melbourne String Ensemble 
  • Monash Sinfonia Orchestra
  • Melbourne University Intercollegiate Orchestra
  • Melbourne Youth Orchestra
  • Australian Classical Players Orchestra

 Jennen's past teachers include Alice Waten, Jun Yi Ma, John Harding and Rudolf Koelman. 

Jennen studied at ANAM from 2002 to 2005 and completed a Master of Music Studies Degree at the University of Tasmania in 2008.

In 2018, Jennen inaugurated the Melbourne International Violin Competition, sponsored by his company, Jennen Shoes.

Jennen Violin Professional Orchestra


Since leading the Australian Youth Orchestra in 2007, Jennen has acted Guest Concertmaster of:

  • West Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
  • Vic Opera Orchestra
  • Melbourne Chamber Orchestra
  • Orchestra at St. Paul.

And Principal Violinist of:

  • Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
  • Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
  • Orchestra Victoria
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO2) 

Jennen also works as a casual violinist with:

  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra
  • Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Jennen has performed for other concerts and bands, including:

  • Ministry of Sound
  • The Angels (Australian Band)
  • Planet Earth
  • Hans Zimmer 
  • Melinda Schneider & Tom Burlinson
  • Beatles Tribute Band
  • Queen Tribute Band
  • Roy Orbison Tribute Band
  • Trevor Ashley Show



Jennen has been a violin mentor for:

  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Regional Education Tour
  • University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • State Music Camp, Victoria
  • Melbourne Youth Music

He has also adjudicated for the Musical Society of Victoria, String Competition. 

Jennen teaches a maximum of six students at any one time, and charges $150 per hour.

Jennen focuses his teaching on practice efficiency (results per minute) and enjoyment.   

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