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Receptions and

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Wish to make your celebration special?

We've performed for numerous wedding receptions, engagement parties, marriage proposals, birthday celebrations, housewarmings, house inspections, wedding anniversaries & dinner parties. We've even performed early in the morning for bridal parties as they prepare for their long day of celebration. 

Whatever the occasion, add a touch of class & hire a professional string quartet. 

With our service, you can choose up to 3 special requests to be performed at no additional cost. Even if we don't already have the music in our library, we'll find the music & arrange it for string quartet. This is just part of the service we provide.

We perform with all of Australia's leading symphony orchestras, and have also won hundreds of awards in music competitions. 

If your celebratory occasion is special to you, then don't hire second-rate musicians. Hire the very best!

It's said that to reach mastery, one must dedicate 10,000 hours to a particular field. All of us have dedicated well over 10,000 hours to music performance.

We've recorded over 200 tracks for you to listen to. Please see our recordings page.

We perform all genres of music, including baroque, classical, romantic, modern classical, tango, jazz, popular & folk music.

If you'd like us to perform songs from movies, just let us know!

If you require something different altogether to fire up your guests & get them on the dance floor, let us help you!

We perform regularly with gypsy, jazz, tango, mariachi, pop, rock & alternative bands. 

Just remember that good music will make a huge difference to your celebration, so don't take shortcuts with live bands and string quartets. Make sure they're amazing!

We're located all around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Newcastle. We're also willing to travel great lengths to perform for your function. 

We've listed all our prices on our website, so please have a look and contact us if you require any assistance.